The Heim Family

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Rafael Damian was born in Baden (Switzerland)
on December 12, 1993.


   In April Rafael and his team TSV Frick won the Swiss Championships Cat. U16. See for yourself how exciting it was.


In school we talk a lot about what kind of profession I could go for. I wanted to know better what it is about being a  pilot and had the chance to do a short flight in a real simulator.

  In February, we were skiing up in the Swiss Mountains.



So fast it was Christmas again and the year was over.


  I had a good chat with my Grandfather when he visited us at Christmas.

The 2 weeks beach holidays in fall were great again.


My little brother is ready for his first day in kindergarden. Of course, I enjoyed the pool a lot also this year..


I am really good at playing my most favorite sport (beach) volleyball.



Our summer vacation we spent in Tuscany, Italy.

My dad tries hard to be par in ping-pong. Samuel is around a lot and we have good fun together.


The little chicks were fun to see them around in our garden. I really do like playing my sax.


We were skiing for 2 weeks in February. I am 4th from right front row.


In fall we were on vacation in Turkey. We all had a great time.

I did learn how to wind surf and impressed real big guys with my volleyball skills...and hung out with some new acquaintances.

The whole gang absolutely enjoyed the place.

Rafael is a passionate saxophon player and enjoys performing with the band Sax4Fun.


Volleyball is his favorite sport. This year his team was very successful and ended the season as deputy Swiss Champions !



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