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Jessica Andrea was born in Colombo (Sri Lanka) on January 15, 1995.



On my birthday, my dear Godfather surprised me with a visit.


   Actually, I love cooking and when I do all like it !

We had a very nice family evening at Christmas Eve. 


The beach holidays in fall were so great again. We celebrated Alisha's birthday.


   The canoo ride with Mom was fun.

You know, I love my animals. We had her for many many years. A few days later she died....

This was up on a nice summer day: Having fun in the water and plucking from Mom's trees and eating delicious pears....


Our summer vacation with friends in Italy was very enjoyable. Food and weather were really good.



I was so happy when the 3 little chicks got out of the eggs one morning !

Easter Basket search in our garden. I had to help Alisha first before could go after my own.


I got many nice gifts to my birthday specially from my Mom and my godmother !



In Fall we spent a really cool beach vacation in Turkey.

I played a lot in the sand and saw a lot of special animals or put my own....

Daddy took me on a catamaran ride ! It was a bit fast and I got so splashed...On Oct 12, we celebrated Alisha's 4th birthday !

I love to play my guitar - my dad gave it to me on last christmas, but I am also very much an outdoor girl !.


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