The Heim Family

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Elias Michael was born in Basel (Switzerland) on February 16, 1998.



In February, I enjoyed skiing so much. I raced a lot with my dad. We also celebrated my birthday during these days.



Lego is still my favorite way to play. My friend and I do our own constructions.

  Dad reads the Christmas story this year.

We were again on the beach for our our fall vacation. I ate so many pancakes....


I am lucky to be stil light enough for dad to throw me into the pool....

We spent two great weeks in Italy on vacation this summer. We were together with my best friend and his family. 


I ran the race of the "Fastest Kid in Town". I was not the fastest but still ok.


We got 3 baby chicks ! One turned to be a male...we called him Fred.


Dad took us on a special bike trip on railway tracks. 

Easter Basket Search in our garden was a hit. I got a lot of my favorite sweets. I do play my piano a lot and create my own tunes.


In February we went skiing for 2 weeks. I am the 1st front row  from left.



Our vacation in Turkey last fall were so good. I tried a kite for the first time and got it in the air !  I had all sorts of fun for 2 weeks !


I am very passionate about constructing Lego stuff (not just playing...). So you can imagine, that I need to visit Legoland !

more to follow

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