The Heim Family

Stefanie & Ignaz

Samuel Sewenet was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on January 18, 2003 and warmly welcomed into our family on July 1, 2004.



  Karneval in Kindergarten was fun. I was a dragon !!

 In February, we went skiing. I was in ski school and could finally go down any slope.

I was so glad, when day of my birthday came at last.


On Christmas eve, we all listened to Dad telling us the story of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem.

Santa Clause came on Dec 6. I had my song really ready and he was really pleased (as was I).

There was a lot of specials for us young kids to do during our beach holiday in fall.



 In August, finally Kindergarten began. I was sooo ready to go.


Our vacation in Italy was fantastic. So many kids, so much to do.



I participated in  the race "The fastested kid in town". I was first of my age.


Easter egg hunt at home. It was tough as I wanted to find them all !

In June we did a day trip with Dad on a special bike running on railway tracks !


I got a lot of cool presents to my 4th birthday.

In February we all went up in the Alps for skiing. I was in ski school for 2 weeks ! I am 1st from the right, front row. Before I tested my new skis at home.



I could hardly get enough from swimming and banana riding...

In any case, I need to be outdoors to feel fine.


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