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The natural and man-made calamities made Ethiopia among the least developed countries in the world. The effect of these man-made and natural problems forced the people to live in a vicious circle of poverty. Women and especially widows in Ethiopia are vulnerable to various calamities. This has become a generality in Ethiopia. The project will address major problems that affect the survival and development of widows.

Activities and Goals

- To improve the conditions of poor widows who are victims of social & economical crisis while providing them means to get involved in income generating activities.

- To establish a sustainable economical and social basis for self subsistence in order to fully take responsibility for herself and her children.

- To assist and provide financial support and bring about meaningful change in the widow's life.

- To offer counseling and support services for those who have been traumatized & socially out cast. 

- To prevent Widows from being exposed to potential delinquency and other social evils as well as return to a dependency in a economically based and often abusive marriage.

- To regain sustaining self confidence and dignity.


Most of the activities of the project are designed to be participatory and to be performed at the grass root level.



The first activity is finding and recruiting widows in most profound need of our support in cooperation with Kebele administrations for the program. Subsequently, counseling services are provided by a social worker.

Those who are approved for our project will sign agreement with our organization in cooperation with the area offices.

The project will mainly support widows who have herselves a small scale income generating idea. We will offer financial support to transform their idea in to practical reality so that they may come out of the poverty cycle.

The project allocates up to 3,000 Birr (300 USD equivalent) for each widow as an investment to initiate their income generating activity. A diligent follow up scheme is in place to assure and help the use the money for the agreed purpose.


Our aim encourages widows to participate in the development process, who are beyond an "only receiving mentality", that causes a mental and economic dependency keeping people in a vicious poverty cycle.


We trust that this project saves the life of widows and will have a positive effect on the economic and social development of the country as a whole.


Monitoring and evaluation

Report should be submitted quarterly, semi – annually and yearly to donor and government agency. The donor and any concerned body are also welcome to participate in the monitoring and evaluation.


The beneficiaries will pay back the micro credit in an appropriate and individually defined period.

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